Benefits of Intense Pulsed Light Machine Technology

If your skin has lost its glow, beautiful skin can be yours again with intense pulsed light machine therapy. IPL machines have long been used to treat photo aged skin. Photo aging is the result of continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays which often results in wrinkles, fine lines, broken capillaries, and age spots. IPL therapy rejuvenates the skin,and leaves it looking smoother and younger.

IPL Technology

IPL is also known as broadband light, as the devices emit a broad spectrum of light. As a result, the coverage of IPL machines is often better than that of lasers which emit only a narrow beam of light. These intense pulses of light have multiple wavelengths, and so the machine can treat several conditions at the same time.

The intense pulse light machine generates powerful light energy that penetrates the underlying layer of the skin, where the skin damage occurs. This causes the body to eliminate damaged tissue, along with dead skin cells. It does all this without disrupting the skin’s outer surface. It generally takes 4-6 treatments to completely rejuvenate the skin.

AFT Technology

Next generation IPL technology known as advanced fluorescent technology (AFT), is also available for skin resurfacing. AFT efficiently utilizes short-wavelength light. AFT is often preferred by dermatologists because it works fast, and results are consistent. In addition, no numbing agents are required. Patients like the fact that the procedure takes only about 20 minutes to complete, and the effects will continue to manifest after treatment is over.

Intense pulsed light machines are flexible enough to be used on different skin types and conditions. IPL can successfully treat fine veins, as well as acne scars, rosacea, and enlarged pores, leaving skin healthy and rejuvenated. IPL treatment is safe for use on both the face and body.

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