Botox Frozen Face… How Do I Prevent This From Happening?

Botox is seen as the ultimate anti-aging fix, because it can get rid of wrinkles quickly. Nevertheless, when botox is overdone it can make you look expressionless and robotic, a feature that has been dubbed the botox frozen face. If you are thinking about botox, you may be asking, – how do I prevent this from happening (click here).

How botox works

When botox is injected into the muscles, it blocks the nerve signals to the muscles that normally cause them to contract. Therefore the muscle and the skin above it does not move, resulting in fewer wrinkles.

Botox frozen face

If botox injections are done correctly, you should look beautifully relaxed after treatment. There should still be some amount of facial movement, and expressions such as laughing and smiling should look natural.

So what causes the botox frozen face?  

•    The injection of too much botox
•    Botox not injected in the precise location

How do you prevent it from happening?

Always choose a qualified medical professional who is also an experienced injector, when getting your botox injections. This is usually a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Be sure that they are conservative in their approach, and therefore won’t inject too much botox. Also, take the time to discuss your goals with the injector, so they know the results you desire.

While botox can give you younger looking skin, you should remember that the purpose of it is to erase your wrinkles, and leave your expressions intact.

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