Botox vs Dysport: Which is best for longer lasting results?

Just about everybody knows botox as the anti-aging wonder drug, but dysport is also very effective in the battle against wrinkles, and is slowly gaining popularity. There has been a lot of debate about which drug is better, and one of the most important questions regarding botox vs dysport surrounds which is best for longer lasting results.

Botox vs Dysport
Botox and dysport are derived from botulinum toxin, and are effective in reducing dynamic wrinkles. They are both muscle relaxers, so they work by blocking the nerve signals to the muscles, and can be used to treat forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

Dysport spreads out more from the area of injection than botox, which makes it better for treating some areas like the forehead. In addition, the onset of dysport is faster, as the results start to appear after 2 days, compared to 5-7 days with botox.

Which lasts longer?
Some physicians that use both drugs report that dysport lasts longer. However, they also point out that the longevity of dysport over botox has a lot to do with the dilution that the plastic surgeon uses. The number of units used can also influence the how long dysport last.

If you are considering getting botox or dysport injections, be sure to go to a medical professional that has been suitably trained to carry out the injections, and has good experience with it.

Clients in the Chicago area can contact the Skin Care Center a consultation.  We will discuss your desired outcome, to determine which product would be more effective for you.

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