Can IPL treat other skin issues besides brown spots & pigmentation?

IPL is known as one of the best facial skin rejuvenation treatments available for treating pigmented lesions. But can IPL treat other skin issues besides brown spots and pigmentation.

What is IPL?
Intense pulsed light or IPL is not a laser, but is a light based technology that emits short burst of broadband light. IPL is also known as a photo facial. It is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that can be used to correct a range of skin concerns. It is typically used to treat brown spots, sun spots, and other pigmentation issues.

Can IPL treat other skin issues?
Yes, IPL can also be used to treat skin issues such as vascular lesions. These typically affect the blood vessels and include conditions such as spider veins, rosacea, port wine stains, angiomas, and telangiectasias. It is also used for hair reduction.

How it works
When treating pigmented lesions, the wavelengths emitted by the IPL device are absorbed by the melanin, which is the dark pigment. The heat breaks up the pigment into tiny fragments, and they are eventually absorbed by the body.

In the case of the vascular lesions, the hemoglobin (protein in red blood cells) in the blood vessels absorbs the energy from the IPL device. This damages the wall of the vessels, and they are then eliminated by the body.

It typically takes a series of 3-5 treatments to achieve results with IPL.

IPL treatment is available in the Long Beach metro, at the Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach, CA.

At the Laser Skin Care Center we use an advanced broad-spectrum intense pulsed light (IPL) system, typically in combination with other skin care treatments, for optimal results.

Please give us a call at (562)997-1144, to schedule a consultation with one of our many board-certified dermatologists

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