Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Regret is part of human nature and we all have memories from our past that we would rather not be reminded of on a daily basis. Tattoos are often representative of abandoned interests and failed relationships, which can make it challenging to maintain a positive mental attitude towards life.

For thousands of people in the US today, one of their main concerns is to permanently erase unwanted body ink and the memories that accompany it. Since innovative laser removal technology has become widely available in the aesthetic medical marketplace, more people are taking advantage of this safe and highly effective tattoo removal method every day.

Does It Hurt?

Many people have described sensation of laser tattoo removal as a stinging sensation similar to that of a rubber band rapidly snapping against your skin. The degree of sensitivity depends on which area of your body the laser will be focusing on, as some areas are more delicate than others. Those with a lower pain tolerance can be less resilient to this feeling, but the powerful, yet gentle removal of unwanted tattoos that you once thought you would never be free of, is what makes the minor discomfort worthwhile.

Using the PicoClear laser to completely erase the ink can take as little as two sessions for some people, which is important to bear in mind if you are squeamish about pain. Thanks to the avant-garde technology pioneered by PicoClear, the length of each session is substantially less than other tattoo removal methods.

At Van Dam dermatology and laser center, we take certain pre-treatment steps such as applying a topical numbing cream, to make the experience more manageable for our clients. During your initial consultation, one of our clinicians will give you additional information on what you can do before and after your session, to further reduce any potential tenderness.

To schedule your consultation and for more information, please contact our Barrington, IL practice today and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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