Gentle and effective acne treatments for teens

Almost every teen has the occasional pimple, but some teens are bothered by chronic acne, that can seriously mess up their self-esteem. For teens with acne,the condition is more than an inconvenience,as it often leaves them feeling worried and distressed. In order to relieve this discomfort, parents need to be aware of the most effective acne treatments for teens.

About teenage acne
Hormonal activity often accelerates during the teen years, one consequence of this instability is the enlargement of the oil glands, and increased production of oil. The excess oil spills onto the surface of the skin, where it mixes with the bacteria that is normally present there, as well as with dead skin cells. The resulting inflammation is what is commonly referred to as a pimple. Stress, often brought on by school related anxiety, can also contribute to acne in teenagers.

Acne Treatment for teens
A combination of treatment options usually works best for acne, in order to manage and control it in the long term. At Sona MedSpa in Little Rock, AR and Memphis TN, they offer several solutions for teenage acne, including the following:

  • Blue Light Therapy uses photodynamic therapy to get rid of the acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. Blue Light Therapy is gentle, and safe enough to use on all types of skin, including sensitive skin.


  • The I Peel Acne Lift exfoliates and deep cleans the skin and helps to clear the skin of excess oil and superficial blemishes.  The Peel resurfaces and smooths the skin, and this significantly relieves the symptoms of acne.

If you need to learn more about effective acne treatments for teens, you can visit Sona MedSpa online at can also schedule an appointment via the web at

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