Fat loss treatments using laser technology

If you have areas of unattractive fat on your body that you would like to get rid of, laser therapy can eliminate them. Lasers are very effective fat loss treatments because they not only shrink fat, but they also tighten the skin. In addition, laser treatments are quick, safe, and also painless.

Lasers have made losing inches easier, as they target fat cells, and help people who are having difficulty losing those last few pounds achieve their weight loss goals.  Cosmetic lasers also rejuvenate the skin to improve tone and texture.

Accent XL laser treatment
At the Sona Med Spa in Little Rock and Memphis, they utilize the Accent XL laser for fat loss treatments (click here). The laser shrinks fat cells and contours the body. The Accent XL is powered by cutting-edge radio frequency (RF) technology, and boasts dual RF modes.

The BiPolar and UniPolar modes treat the skin at different levels to reduce fat deposits, and firm the skin. The Accent XL can be used to contour both the face and body. It generally takes 5-6 treatments to achieve optimal results.

How Accent XL works
The laser emits RF energy that heats and penetrates the upper and lower layers of the skin. As the deeper layer of the skin is heated, collagen production is stimulated, and this results in tighter skin over time. The Accent XL is safe enough for use on delicate parts of the body such as the neck. Treatment with Accent XL is comfortable, and virtually painless. Also, no anesthesia is required.

If you want to trim fat and improve body contours, then then you should consider laser therapy. Lasers are now at the forefront of cosmetic fat loss treatments, as they stimulate weight loss and sculpt the body, to create a firmer, slimmer figure.

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