How to Host a Botox Party in Irvine

Do you love Botox? If so, then you will love the idea of getting your friends together to have a Botox Party! Botox parties are gatherings usually held at a doctor’s office, which are designed to bring friends together to get treated, and the hostess gets FREE Botox! The trend is now becoming popular, and more women are opting to host a Botox party for friends, especially in cities like Irvine, where there are qualified professionals that can ensure it is done right.

About Botox

Botulinum Toxin Type A is the active ingredient in Botox.  Botox is very effective in reducing dynamic expression wrinkles, especially those across the forehead, between the eyes, and at the corner of the eyes. Dynamic expression wrinkles generally form in those areas where you make repeated facial expressions.

Tips for Hosting a Botox Party

  • Always ensure that Botox is administered in a safe environment by a licensed practitioner such as a board-certified plastic surgeon, or dermatologist, using approved medical techniques.
  • Never take Botox lightly, although it is a non-invasive procedure it still a medical procedure and real complications can occur.
  • Always make sure that the people you invite are interested in having the procedure done, and know what’s involved. It’s a good idea to advise them a few weeks ahead of time just to be sure that they are fully prepared. The doctor will also require the appropriate informed consent.
  • Never drink any alcohol before your ‘Botox party.’ It’s advisable to stop drinking alcohol at least 2 days ahead of Botox injections.

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