How do I talk to my family about my reasons for getting Botox injections?

If you’ve decided it’s time to get botox, chances are you’ve given it a lot of thought. But now that you are quite sure it’s what you want to do, you may be wondering – “how do I talk to my family about getting botox injections.” Your family may not agree with your decision, and that’s why some people don’t bother to tell their spouses, they are concerned they may want to deter them.

Talking to your family about botox
As with any type of cosmetic procedure, the decision to have botox is a personal one.  So explain to your family that the choice to get botox is your own, and not to impress anyone.

Let them know that the wrinkles and fine lines on your face make you look old, but you don’t feel old. Therefore you’d like to get botox so that the appearance on the outside, corresponds to the way you feel on the inside.

Reassure your family that the goal of botox is not to make you look different, but simply to make you look like you did 5 or 10 years ago. That’s the reason why you are going to an experienced medical practitioner, with many years of experience doing botox injections.

If you want to open up and be honest with your family about getting botox, these are a few reasons you can use when explaining your decision.

Botox injections – North Mississippi
Mark Craig, MD, of Accent Plastic Surgery, Tupelo, MS, is a board certified plastic surgeon, and also a very experienced botox injector. Why not call (662) 377–6290 to schedule your appointment, and also take your spouse along so that Dr. Craig can calm any concerns they may have.

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