How Does the Pixel Laser Technology Treat Undereye Bags?

Are your lower lids heavy and puffy, making you desperate to banish those less than lovely bags? There’s no need to worry, because undereye bags can be treated with both surgical and non-surgical options. Laser skin resurfacing using the Pixel laser is among the most popular non-surgical choices, but how does the Pixel laser technology treat undereye bags.

What’s to Blame for Those Undereye Bags?

Undereye bags are the bulges of fat below the eyes that are very common with age. they are often due to genetics, but can be caused by several factors including fluid retention, too much salt in the diet, and the protrusion of the fat that is normally around the eyelids.

Pixel laser

Pixel is a gentle laser technology that can treat a number of skin irregularities, and take years off your skin. It is an FDA approved device that resurfaces the skin, and treats skin concerns such as sun damage, undereye bags, pigmentation, and fine lines.

How Does the Pixel Laser Technology Treat Undereye Bags?

The Pixel laser is able to work well around the delicate area of the eyes, because it precisely penetrates down to the upper dermal layer, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The laser creates tiny holes in small zones of the skin, which trigger the skin’s own healing process. The untreated areas of skin also promote rapid healing and stimulate collagen production, which makes the skin tighter.  The Pixel treatment reduces the puffiness beneath the eyes, and also makes the skin clearer and fresher.

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