How is UltraShape Power different than other non-surgical body contouring procedures?

If you eat right and work out regularly but can’t seem to power through those stubborn areas of fat, you may consider a non-surgical fat reduction option like UltraShape Power. With so many choices out there, you may be wondering how is UltraShape Power different than other non-surgical body contouring procedures.

What is UltraShape Power?
UltraShape Power is a minimally invasive body contouring treatment that utilizes the proven power of focused pulsed ultrasound energy. UltraShape Power is a high-tech device that shapes the body by selectively targeting fat, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

UltraShape reduces the subcutaneous fat layer by about 20%, and there is also a visible circumference reduction of 1-3 inches. It can be used to treat fat deposits on the stomach, thighs, flanks, and arms.

It typically requires a series of 3 treatments spaced about 2 weeks apart to achieve optimal outcomes, but some results can be seen after the first treatment. UltraShape Power is virtually pain-free, and there is no post-procedural downtime.

How is UltraShape Power different?
Other body contouring treatments use heat to melt the fat or cold to freeze and destroy fat cells, but UltraShape Power uses safe ultrasound energy. The results achieved are measurable, and can be seen about 2 weeks after treatment.

UltraShape Power treatments can be customized for each patient, regardless of their body shape. Unlike other body contouring procedures that are restricted by applicator size, the UltraShape Power applicator can fit areas of varying sizes.

UltraShape Power body contouring is available at Laser Skin Care Center Dermatology Associates, located in Long Beach, CA.

Call (562) 997-1144 today to schedule an appointment with one of our board certified dermatologists.

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