How is Volbella Different From Other Injectables?

Have you considered lip augmentation but you’re fearful of ending up with a ‘trout pout’? If you have, there’s now an innovative new cosmetic injectable called Volbella that may be the right treatment for you. Volbella is a great option for improving the look of the lips, because the results are natural and long lasting. There are other non-invasive lip fillers already available, so how is Volbella different from other injectables.

What is Volbella?

Volbella is a FDA cleared injectable that was specially designed for lip augmentation, and also to soften wrinkles and lines around the mouth. Volbella is a part of the Juvederm line of cosmetic injectables created by the pharmaceutical company Allergan.  It is a smooth formulation comprised of hyaluronic acid, and also contains lidocaine, which helps to improve the comfort of the procedure.

Volbella treatment

The process of injecting Volbella is relatively pain free, and takes only about 15 minutes to complete. Patients can expect to experience mild swelling

How is it different from other injectables?

The longer lasting results achieved with Volbella is what makes it unique among injectables. In clinical studies conducted, patients reported being still satisfied with the results after one year. This is certainly not the norm, because lip fillers typically last an average of 6 months.

Volbella is also different because it is based on patented Vycross technology. Vycross technology is a more efficient method of cross linking HA, which contributes to more natural looking results. Volbella is a softer, smoother formulation, which makes it easier to inject.

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