How Long Until You See Results In Pigmentation with Laser Treatment?

If your love for the outdoors has caused you to develop pigmentation, it’s possible to treat it with laser therapy. Lasers are an effective, virtually painless way to erase pigmentation. But since most patients are anxious to have these spots removed, they typically want to know how long until they see results from laser pigmentation treatment.

Laser pigmentation removal
Laser treatment is now widely used to remove pigmentation such as sun spots, age spots, pigmented birthmarks, and freckles. It is a fast, gentle, minimally invasive procedure that targets the pigment, and leaves the surrounding cells intact.

The Fraxel Dual laser system is one of the most advanced solutions on the market for removing pigments. Skin pigmentation occurs because of a build-up of melanin (dark pigment) in the skin. The laser specifically targets and lifts the excess pigments that cause dark spots to develop on the skin.

Treatment with the Fraxel Dual is not painful, but patients may feel a warm sensation during the procedure. Topical anesthesia is applied to minimize any discomfort. Treatment takes about 20 minutes (for the face), but the laser can also be used to treat pigmentation on the arms, chest, and hands.

How long until you see results from laser pigmentation treatment
Many patients notice some improvement after just one treatment. However, the best results are seen after the recommended course of treatment, which is typically 2-3 sessions. The pigment will look darker immediately after the procedure, and the top layers of skin will eventually peel off, revealing even-toned skin.

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