How Much Does Botox Cost In 2019?

Are you thinking about botox anti-aging treatment and wondering if it’s worth it? Before making a decision, it’s best to do some research to find out exactly what botox can do for you, and how much it costs.

What can botox do for you?

Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the upper region of the face, i.e. glabellar lines (lines between the eyebrows), forehead lines, and crow’s feet. When injected, botox temporarily blocks the nerve signals to the muscles, and this inhibits muscle movement and prevents the skin from creasing. Consequently, new wrinkles won’t develop, and existing wrinkles become less visible, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

How Much Does Botox Cost In 2019?

Botox is typically priced per unit, so the cost varies depending on the number of units needed for the areas being treated.

The cost of botox typically ranges from $9 – $12 per unit. Depending on the areas being treated, botox treatment may cost between $450 and $850. The number of units of botox needed is not the same for every patient, so treatment is customized during an in-office consultation.

The cost of botox is also influenced by the physician, and the location of the practice (learn more).

When considering botox, cost should not be the determining factor, as it’s important to look for a reputable board certified physician and not be attracted to a bargain price. An experienced physician will be able to provide the best and safest results.

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