How Does Lip Augmentation Work to Give You Fuller Lips?

Why are so many women opting for lip augmentation in a bid to get fuller lips? They are doing so in order to combat the visible aging of the lips, and restore a sensuous, youthful appearance. Lip augmentation or lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that is done to make the lips appear plumper. But how does lip augmentation work?

How Lip Augmentation Works

Lips can be enhanced using a variety of different fillers. Options include soft tissue fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, (which are derived from hyaluronic acid), in addition to collagen.

Soft tissue fillers add shape and volume to the lips, and the results last for about 6 months on average. The procedure is usually done in-office, and begins with the application of a numbing agent, which is used to reduce discomfort. The dermal filler is then injected into the lips using a very fine needle.

Collagen fillers are either human-based or animal-based. However, these fillers don’t last as long as those comprised of hyaluronic acid.

Lip injections also smooth out the fine lines that appear above the lips, and at the corner of the mouth.

Lip augmentation is a relatively low risk procedure. However, clients should ensure that the procedure is done by physicians that are experienced with Filling. This is important to prevent any irregularities in the shape and symmetry of the lips, which can occur if the injections are not done to specifications.

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