Is There A Laser That Can Treat A Multitude Of Skin Issues?

Laser therapy can help to ease many of your skin problems. It can be used to correct sun damage, acne, wrinkles, vascular lesions, and more. Treating these skin conditions often requires different cosmetic laser therapies that provide specific benefits. But is there a laser that can treat a multitude of skin issues.

Laser technology is now an important part of cosmetic dermatology. There are a wide variety of laser and light technologies that have been successfully used to treat a range of dermatological conditions. In this regard Infini by Lutronic is one of the best in its class, because it rejuvenates the skin with minimal downtime.


Infini is a next generation skin rejuvenation treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten the skin. It also improves skin tone and texture, reduces acne scars and large pores, and minimizes wrinkles. So if you are looking for a laser to treat a multitude of skin issues, Infini is a great choice. Infini combines radiofrequency and microneedling, and this stimulates the growth of collagen.

How It Works

The fractional RF energy is delivered via insulated micro-needles. These tiny tips precisely heat the deep tissues of the skin, in order to tighten the tissues, and stimulate collagen. Recovery takes place quickly, because the outer layer of the skin is spared injury.

The treatment depth and energy level can be customized based on your skin type and skin concerns. This makes Infini an effective solution for all types of skin.

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