Laser Tattoo Removal: 10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Tattoo Removed

So you’ve decided to get rid of that tattoo you no longer love. Nowak Cosmetics can help. But it’s important to know what to expect going in, so we’re going to look at 10 things you should know before getting your tattoo removed.

  1. Not all lasers are the same: There are various types of lasers for tattoo removal, but no laser removes all the colors. Therefore different lasers may be required to fade your tattoo.
  2. Expect to feel some pain: Some patients say it feels a lot like an elastic band being snapped against the skin. Others feel nothing at all, it really depends on your pain threshold.
  3. You will need several treatments: The tattoo won’t be eliminated in one go. Depending on the efficiency of the laser being used, it can take up to 10 treatments.
  4. Be aware of the side effects: Common side-effects include redness, blistering, swelling, and pinpoint bleeding. .
  5.   Some colors are more difficult to remove: Dark colors absorb the laser energy better than light colors, so they respond quicker to laser therapy.
  6. The tattoo may not fade completely: Factors such as the color and age of the tattoo, all impact whether or not a tattoo fades completely, or leaves a ghost image.
  7. Amateur tattoos are often harder to remove: Amateur tattoos are more challenging to remove, because they are often applied unevenly.
  8. Darkening can occur: Some colors actually darken after treatment, but you can expect that to be corrected with subsequent treatments.
  9. Not everyone is a good candidate: Be sure to confirm your suitability with your physician.
    10.    Choose an experienced medical professional: Getting the best results depends not only on using the right laser, but on choosing a reputable specialist.

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