Laser Tattoo Removal in San Francisco Can Remove that Tattoo for Good

While Miami Beach, Florida is considered the tattoo capital of the US, San Francisco also ranks in the top 10. The city is considered ‘tattoo-friendly’ and boasts a large number of tattoo parlors per capita. But alongside the large number of parlors, there is also a growing demand for tattoo removal services. For that reason, the demand for laser tattoo removal treatment is also trending upwards in San Francisco.

Despite the fact that tattoos are considered the ultimate form of self-expression, tattoo regret can and does occur. Very often a tattoo takes on a totally different appearance as time passes and you get older. The tattoo that once seemed so ‘hip’ suddenly no longer appears that way, and removing it becomes a priority.

While the availability of laser tattoo removal in San Francisco has made it easier to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, it does take time. In some cases it can take as much as 8 sessions to fade a tattoo. The length of time it takes depends on a number of factors including how long ago the tattoo was inked, the colors used, as well as whether it was done by an amateur or professional.

Laser tattoo removal is a very safe procedure that can fade your tattoo with less pain than traditional methods such as incision. There are medical spas in San Francisco, like the Serenity Med Spa, where they offer innovative tattoo removal laser options that make the process very comfortable for patients.

Tattoo removal lasers

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, the Q-switched lasers are very efficient. The Q-switched Nd: Yag and the Q-switched alexandrite are especially good for tattoo removal. These lasers are able to get rid of colors such as green and white that are often hard to fade.

How laser tattoo removal works?

Before the start of the procedure, the area being treated will be numbed using a topical anesthetic cream. When that is complete, the beam of laser energy is focused on the tattooed area and it penetrates to the dermal layer where the tattoo ink has settled. The laser breaks up the ink pigments, and this allows the body to eliminate them naturally.

There is some pain during the laser tattoo removal process, but the numbing cream helps to dull the sensations. Because of laser tattoo removal, bad tattoos no longer have to be permanent.

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