Laser Hair Removal Options That Work For All Skin Types

Whether you are trying to get rid of hair around the bikini line or unwanted facial hair, laser hair removal is the fastest and most effective way to do it. There are now lasers available for all skin types, which can quickly and efficiently get rid of hair on both the face and body (click here).

Traditionally, not all lasers worked well on every combination of skin color and hair texture. In fact, most were only effective on a mix of light skin and dark hair. However, there are now new lasers like the Alexandrite and ND Yag lasers, which are able to successfully target dark skin and dark hair, and other combinations.

Popular hair removal lasers

  • The Alexandrite laser is a red light laser that produces an intense wavelength of light that is able to penetrate the skin effectively. It works well on fine hairs and lighter skin.
  • The ND Yag laser works on most skin types, including dark skin. The laser is able to treat large areas quickly, as it has fast repetition rates.

Choosing a provider

In order to get maximum hair reduction and long lasting results, you need to ensure that you are being treated with the right laser, which is being used on the proper setting. Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure when it is carried out by experienced professionals. It is therefore important to choose a physician who has performed many hair removal procedures, and has the right type of equipment.

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