Restore your shape using lipo laser equipment

The desire to have the ‘perfect’ body shape has become such an obsession across the world, that the demand for liposuction has increased rapidly. As a result, lipo is now the most sought-after cosmetic procedure worldwide, and this has given rise to many new and non-surgical lipo alternatives that remove fat, and shape the body. Laser assisted lipolysis is very effective, and requires much less downtime than traditional lipo.

Laser Assisted Lipolysis
Laser assisted lipolysis has become very attractive to men and women who want to  reshape their body, by getting rid of fat deposits that diet and exercise don’t help. Laser lipo typically targets areas like the abdomen, knees, thighs, and upper arms, where there are pockets of stubborn fat. There are many different body contouring lasers to choose from, but LipoEze is definitely one of the best.

LipoEze by Alma Lasers has taken laser assisted lipolysis to new levels. It is built with cutting-edge technology to remove localized fat, and smoothand shape the body. LipoEze is a 1470 diode laser that emits radiation energy in a controlled and efficient manner. The device can remove large quantities of fat, and it does so without risk of burns.

LipoEze is among the fastest and most reliable lipo laser equipment now available. Its dual action capability means that treatment time is shorter, as it melts the fat and suctions it out at the same time. It is fitted with a radial emission fiber that ensures that there is much less bruising, trauma, and blood loss, when compared to traditional lipo.

The availability of lipo laser equipment like LipoEze, has made body contouring more comfortable and patient-friendly. It is the ideal solution for clients that would like to have liposuction done, but don’t want to endure a long recovery time. Treatment with LipoEze also improves the tone and texture of the skin, making skin brighter, and healthier.

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