Natural Breast Augmentation Orange County

If you want to achieve natural looking results after breast augmentation in Orange County, then it is important to choose the right type of implants. That means selecting implants that are comfortable, and suited to your body type. This will help to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes that enhance body contours.

Types of Breasts Implants
Due to the large number of options available, selecting the right size and type of implants can be overwhelming for some women.  It is therefore necessary to have consultations with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Skilled surgeonscan provide the requisite expertise and guidanceneeded, to select implants that are the best fit.

Breast implants are available in various types and sizes. There are silicone filled and saltwater filled implants. In most instances, silicone implants have a better feel than saline implants.

Additionally, some implants are round, while others are teardrop shaped. Shaped implants have a natural upper contour.  Consequently, they are often preferred by surgeons looking to achieve natural breast augmentation results in Orange County.

Choosing Breast implants
At Song Plastic surgery in Irvine, they use advanced breast imaging software to make the process of implant selection easier. The software gives women a visual representation of what they will look like with the breast size they desire. It can also show their appearance usingother types and sizes of implants.This facilitates better decision making.

The choiceregardingthe type and size of breast implants is usually arrived at after several consultations. However, achieving the desired goals after breast enlargement is very dependent on implant choice. Ideally, the breasts should look as natural as possible after breast augmentation. That’s why surgeons in Orange County and other parts of the US, also consider factors such as incision position, and implant placement.

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