Yes you can reduce stretch marks !

Stretch marks often negatively impact a woman’s self-image. Some women find them very irritating, and  are always searching for ways to remove them. Several techniques are now available that can effectively reduce stretch marks. At the Sona Medspa in Memphis, TN, they have developed a customized treatment program that utilizes a combination of procedures to diminish stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a sign that the connective tissue of the skin has been damaged. This often occurs when the skin is stretched, as is the case during pregnancy.  They can also result from significant weight gain, genetics, or hormonal changes that occur during puberty. Stretch marks typically appear on the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Treatment for stretch marks
The stretch mark reduction program at Sona MedSpa includes Microdermabrasion, Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), and pixel treatment.

Microdermabrasion is a familiar skin rejuvenation technique in which the outer layer of the skin is exfoliated. This is generally done with the use of tiny crystals or grains that slough away dead skin cells. This procedure improves the texture of the skin, and also the color.

AFT is a light therapy treatment that helps to fade stretch marks. AFT is generally effective on stretch marks that are red or brown in color. The pulsed light is applied to the skin and is absorbed by the pigments. The light helps to break up the pigments, and this can significantly help to reduce stretch marks.

Pixel lasers create micro-sized zones of injury points in the skin. These pixel points help with the stimulation of collagen, which contributes to tighter skin, thereby making stretch marks less visible.

It usually takes about 3 to 5 treatment sessions to significantly reduce stretch marks, but patients will see some improvement after the first session.

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