Use of light therapy and laser technology to treat acne

Acne can be a very frustrating and embarrassing skin condition,so most people simply want to get rid of it fast. However, sometimes the creams, soaps, and lotions that you use for it just don’t work. But there are now newer treatments that utilize laser and light energy to zap those zits away.

Causes of Acne
Acne is caused by the p. acnes bacteria, and it can affect both teens and adults alike. The condition often occurs as a result of a blockage of the oil glands (sebaceous glands). These are the glands that produce the sebum that the skin needs to protect it and keep it hydrated. However, if the glands become overactive, then the excess oil can get trapped in the skin. This clogs the pores, and creates an ideal environmentfor bacteria to thrive.

Acne Treatments
Levulan Photodynamictherapy is a successful acne treatment, as it destroys the bacteria that cause acne. Levulan PDT involves the application of a topical solution to the skin, which makes the acne more sensitive to the light. The solution remains on the skin for at least 45 minutes, and after that time the blue-light therapy is used. Levulan blue-light therapy also reduces the appearance of acne scars.

Laser therapy has also proven to be effective in destroying the acne bacteria. The Harmony XL by Alma Lasers is one of the most efficient in this regard. The laser light from the laser specifically targets the acne lesions, and blasts away the bacteria. It also rejuvenates the skin and it to heal. It also treats existing acne scars, so that face looks smoother and blemish free.

There are also prescription skin care systems available that can be used to treat acne. These systems work well, because they treat the skin at the cellular level.

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