What is the best method of treating under eye bags?

Are you toldyou look tired all the time because of under-eye puffiness? Have you tried various treatments with little success, and now you are desperate to find out what is the best method of treating undereye bags? If that describes you, then it’s time to find out how you can banish those bags at last.

Causes of Undereye bags
Undereye bags occur because of the structural changes that take place around the cheeks and eyes as you age. Loss of fat and reduced skin elasticity, are two of the factors that combine to make the area hollow in some places and puffy in others, and as the fat shifts, undereye bags appear.

What is the best method of treatment?
The best method to get rid of your undereye bags is often influenced by the quality and condition of your skin.  The most effective methods include:

  • Soft tissue fillers: Replacing lost volume in the cheeks with the use of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers can reduce the appearance of undereye bags. The fillers are used to fill in and contour the cheeks, and this improves volume in the area around the eyes.


  • Laser skin resurfacing: Patients with excessive under-eye skin can benefit from laser skin resurfacing, as it removes damaged outer skin, making dark circles less prominent.

If you hate being told you look tired when you’re not, call Fountain of Youth Med Spa, Victoria, TX, today, and find out about these and other non-invasive treatments for undereye circles and bags. Call (361) 576-9100 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nhi Le. Dr. Le will discuss the various options with you, and then determine the best method for treating your undereye bags.

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