What are the risks of going to a “Botox Party”?

If you happen to get a beautifully wrapped invitation to a botox party, chances are you would be tempted to accept, especially if your face is beginning to show the effect of age and sun damage. However, going to a botox party can be risky business, so let’s find out what are the main risks of going to a ‘botox party.’

Botox parties are often hosted by ‘beauty professionals’ and not by a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. If botox is improperly handled or injected, there can be harmful consequences.

Here are 5 reasons to avoid botox parties
1.    There isn’t always a trained doctor on hand, and botox should never be administered by anyone other than a trained physician injector. Improper botox injections can lead to real complications and distort facial features.
2.    They are often held outside a medical setting. Botox is a medical injection that should only be administered in a sterile medical environment.
3.    They are not likely to tell you of the potential risks and complications.  Having botox injections done by trained medical professional will significantly reduce the possibility of any risks and complications.
4.    There may be something in your medical history that would make you a bad candidate for botox, but of who is going to check that out at a botox party.
5.    There are usually no follow-up sessions to deal with possible side effects. While most side-effects last only a few days, there are instances in which they can last for several months.

If you want to ensure that your botox treatment is safe, and the results look natural, have it done in the prescribed setting by a trained physician injector. Clients inTupelo, MS, can contact Dr. Mark Craig of Accent Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Call (662) 377-6290today and schedule your appointment.

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