What Makes PicoClear Laser So Unique?

Laser tattoo removal is currently the only clinically proven method of removing unwanted body ink, without causing scarring to the skin. Traditional laser technology removes tattoos by producing ultra-short pulses of light that shatter the ink particles in a tattoo. The majority of laser equipment available on the market today uses dual wavelength technology to eventually eliminate tattoos.Normally, numerous sessions are required to notice a difference, leading to frustration amongst patients who often give up on the process half way through, due to the lack of visible results.

The recent release of Alma lasers’ PicoClear marks a new era in tattoo removal by adding a third 694nm Ruby* wavelength to existing dual wavelength technology. This not only results in a more powerful means of erasing even the most stubborn of pigments, it also gives patients maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Since the introduction of PicoClear’s innovative technology to Aesthetic medical procedures, more patients are seeing tattoo removal through to the end of their treatment as a result of increased confidence in the process.

Effective and Efficient

PicoClear´shigh success rate is based on the high-power it features, enabling it to effectively destroy the ink particles in a pigment muchfaster than other lasers, as well as increased precision, causing less disruption to a patient’s skin. Whilst there are no guarantees that every tattoo can be completely erased, in the majority of cases, results will be noticeable after just one session.

Better Clearance
PicoClear uses two different pulses to remove tattoos: nanosecond and picosecond. Other lasers only use nanosecond pulses and whilst some work well, many tattoos cannot be completely obliterated using these types of pulses alone. “Pico” represents picosecond pulses. These are exceptionally short pulses incorporated into PicoClear’s revolutionary technology, to produce better clearance in fewer sessions.

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