We know it’s good for wrinkles but what else does Botox Treat?

Chances are you have heard a lot about the wonders of Botox, but perhaps you are asking the question, what exactly does Botox treat? Botox is known primarily for its cosmetic uses, as it is a treatment for lines and wrinkles. Perhaps lesser known, is the fact that Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, as well chronic migraine, and muscle spasms.

Botox Treats Wrinkles and Creases

Botox is used worldwide as a temporary solution to reduce lines and wrinkles. It is particularly effective on wrinkles that occur due to muscle activity. These are known as dynamic wrinkles. Botox smooths and flattens facial creases, as well as lines between the eyebrows, and around the eyes (crow’s feet).

Botox is a neuromodulator, so it inhibits the transmission of nerve signals to the muscles, thereby preventing wrinkling of the skin due to expression lines. It is injected in very small quantities into the muscles of the face.

Botox Treats Excessive Sweating

So just what else does botox treat? In addition to its cosmetic uses, Botox is also used to curb severe underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis. Botox is injected into the affected underarm area, and works to reduce sweating within 4 weeks.

Botox Treats Migraines

Botox is also used for pain relief, as it treats conditions such as chronic migraine. Migraine can be a debilitating condition, characterized by throbbing pain in the front or side of the head. Botox blocks muscle contraction, causing the muscles to relax. Patients with chronic migraine have experienced a significant improvement in the intensity and frequency of the condition after botox use.

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