What’s the Difference Between Cellulite Reduction and Coolsculpting?

Cellulite reduction procedures and CoolSculpting are two of the most popular non-surgical treatments in use today. But most people don’t know what’s the difference between cellulite reduction and CoolSculpting, or understand how they work. Gaining an appreciation of these differences will help you decide which treatment would be the most effective choice for you.

What’s the Difference Between Cellulite Reduction and Coolsculpting?

How cellulite reduction works

Cellulite is a frustrating problem for many women, and unfortunately it does not respond to diet and exercise alone. Cellulite reduction is performed using devices that are specially designed to release the fibrous bands that tighten around the fat layer, and contribute to the formation of cellulite. When the bands are released the skin moves back to its natural position and no longer has a dimpled appearance.

How CoolSculpting works

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling to freeze and kill fat cells. This is accomplished with a special applicator that pulls the skin in, and then applies cold temperatures that cause the fat cells to crystallize and die. The damaged fat cells are eventually secreted from the body in the next 3-4 months.

Cellulite reduction targets cellulite, but CoolSculpting isn’t intended for cellulite. It is designed to target bulges of fat beneath the skin that create those stubborn saddlebags or love handles. CoolSculpting diminishes targeted fat by an average of 20%.

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