How Many Treatments Does It Take to See Results with Vanquish?

Do you have unwanted fat on your waist and tummy that you’d like to whittle away without surgery? If you do, ask your doctor about Vanquish. Vanquish is a high-tech fat removal technique that can help you lose those stubborn inches off your waist, with no pain or downtime. But how effective is it, and how many treatments does it take to see results with Vanquish?

What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a non-surgical body contouring solution, that can be used to get rid of tummy fat or love handles. It uses radio frequency energy to target and destroy fat cells. The RF energy is delivered by way of 3 adjustable panels that penetrate the dermal layer and melt the fat cells. The body then clears away the fat tissue over the following weeks. A single treatment lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes.

How many treatments does it take to see results?

Vanquish is fast and efficient, and most patients find the procedure quite comfortable. The number of treatments required depends on the amount of abdominal fat that is present. However, it takes about 4-6 treatments with Vanquish to see the desired results. The skin will be a lot tighter after the second session, and by the fourth session the reduction will be very noticeable. Improvements continue up to 4 weeks after the final treatment. Sessions are usually done weekly.

Vanquish can make a big difference for women trying to lose their post-pregnancy pooch, as it helps get rid of stubborn fat.

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