Laser Assisted Lipolysis for Body Reshaping

As more men and women become obsessed with body image, liposuction has been propelled into the top spot, as the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure. In addition, traditional liposuction has been overtaken by newer forms of fat renewal like laser assisted lipolysis, which is less invasive, and requires less downtime.


Most individuals opt for liposuction in order to improve body contours. The procedure removes unwanted deposits of fat, and also smooths irregular body shapes. It can be carried out on all parts of the face and body including the abdomen, thighs, knees, and buttocks.

Laser assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive liposuction technique that reshapes the body by removing areas of localized fat. It is a short, minimally invasive technique that has very little downtime, making it a very attractive option for busy individuals. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, then it’s the ideal body contouring solution. Additionally, laser assisted lipolysis can get to those hard to reach areas that cannot be treated with traditional liposuction.


One of the most effective laser liposuction devices on the market is LipoEze by Alma lasers.  LipoEze represents the future of laser liposuction. It is fast, effective, and very reliable. This dual action laser applies heat energy and suctions at the same time, thereby contributing to a shorter treatment time.

LipoEze is a 1470 diode laser with a unique radial emission fiber, which ensures that there is less bruising, and minimal blood loss.  During the procedure, the thin laser fiber is inserted into the skin. As the laser heat penetrates the fatty tissue, it liquefies the fat, which is also suctioned out at the same time by the laser.

The laser heat also has another significant impact on the skin, because it stimulates collagen. As the collagen remodels, the skin gradually becomes tighter, and the tone and texture improves over time. However, patients can expect to see results soon after treatment.

LipoEze is a very safe procedure, and there is less chance of injury when compared to other laser assisted lipolysis treatments. This is due to the fact that the radiation energy is evenly distributed, and is also emitted in a controlled manner.

Laser assisted lipolysis can be performed on an outpatient basis, and is relatively painless. There is also a short recovery time. After treatment patients can expect their skin to look tighter and healthier, as well as thicker and more elastic.

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