Laser Treatment is the Best Option for Leg Veins

Leg veins can be unsightly and unattractive, and for many years they have been treated with surgery or medication. However, with the advent of laser technology, laser treatment is now considered the best option for leg veins, (click here) because it has proven to be very successful, and there are few complications. The efficiency of laser treatment has caused patients to be more confident, and experience an improved quality of life.

Leg Veins

Varicose veins and spider veins are the most common veins found on the legs. Spider veins are often caused by blood vessels that have stopped working properly due to faulty valves. When functioning normally, these valves restrict the flow of blood backwards towards the feet. However, if the valve is leaky, then some blood will flow backwards and pool in the veins, causing them to become enlarged and swollen.

Laser therapy treatment for leg veins

Laser therapy for leg veins is a minimally invasive procedure that is carried out under local anesthetic. The heat generated by the laser device heats up the leg vein, and then closes it out. The procedure is not very painful, and there is minimal downtime. It typically takes several treatment sessions to completely reduce the appearance of the vein.

After treatment there will be some mild swelling and bruising, but this will resolve in a short time, and most people resume regular activities immediately.

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