What are the Symptoms of Vein Disease?

Although vein disease is very common, it often goes untreated because people with the condition often don’t recognize the symptoms, so they don’t get treatment. Vein disease is typically associated with bulging veins, but that’s not the only symptom. So what are some of the other symptoms of vein disease.

What is vein disease
Vein disease is a condition that is related to veins that have become abnormal, and are therefore not functioning as they should. Veins are a part of the circulatory system, and they transport blood to the heart. However, when veins become abnormal they allow blood to flow backwards and the blood pools in the blood vessels, resulting in the formation of varicose veins and/or spider veins.

Symptoms of vein disease
In addition to bulging varicose veins and clusters of spider veins, vein disease can also manifest as leg fatigue and heaviness of the legs. Swelling of the legs as well as unusual sensations in the legs, are also symptoms that may not initially be associated with vein disease.

Below are some other symptoms of vein disease:

  • Discoloration of the skin around the ankles and lower legs, in addition to rashes, and dry, itchy skin.
  • Leg itching, pain, and aches.
  • Tingling of the leg.
  • Leg cramping, especially at night.
  • Open wounds on the lower leg.

If left untreated these symptoms can worsen over time, and this can potentially damage the legs, and lead to more serious medical complications.

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